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Herb Garden

Not Sure About the Aerogarden?

You arrived here from one of my ads or from a search result. You are researching to find out some information about the Aerogarden from other sources besides the company website, aren't you? You want to know if it's right for you...

Well, that's really up to you. However, take some time to read the reviews on the Aerogarden, and read the tips for troubleshooting if you already have one. Watch the videos about the Aerogarden. These will show you the machine in action--way cool!

Or, if you choose that the Aerogarden is not for you, there are some great resources for traditional gardening on this site. So either way, you are taken care of here. Enjoy!

Monday, December 31, 2007

Growing Marijuana with the Aerogarden?

Okay, I want to tell you that if you do grow marijuana with your Aerogarden, don’t tell me about it. It’s against the law, and you will get caught eventually for doing something illegal. I am not telling you to grow this, and I would discourage you from doing this if I were there with you and we were talking about this. There…having made that disclaimer, I feel better, and we are ready to get on with this article.

You can grow anything you want with the Aerogarden, including the illegal marijuana. (Don’t do that, though!) Aerogrow, the company who created the Aerogarden, has created the Master Gardener’s kit. This contains several grow pods that you can put your own seeds in, so that you can grow whatever seeds you want, or have on hand. This keeps you from having to limit yourself to the particular kits they have. You can run with this and create an entire indoor garden with no need to build an expensive greenhouse. But I am getting ahead of myself here…that comes a little later.

Here is an example of some of the additional seeds you can grow in your Aerogarden Pro or Deluxe models:

  1. Peas
  2. Sugar snap peas
  3. All your flowering plants that yield fruits and vegetables
  4. Anything else that you want—even flowers!

I have heard of people growing marijuana in their Aerogardens, and there are even some forums on this topic. But I am not going to give you that information as I do not want to get in trouble with the law in case you get caught. You never heard it from me!

So, you could build an entire garden with these things! They have different sizes of wall shelves made especially for the Aerogarden that you can hang up, keeping them off your surfaces, giving you more room in your kitchen. But the best part about this is that you can literally create an entire room of these wall Aerogardens that are growing anything from flowers to tomatoes to strawberries and salads—during any part of the year you desire! All year round, you could be growing the vegetables and herbs that you use every day—fresh and organic.

If this sounds like a great plan to you, and if you want to know more, why not find out more here? In fact, they are running a promotion right now that you can try it free for 36 days. If you like it, pay for it at the end of your trial period. If you do not like it, you aren’t out any money and you can send it back, no questions asked. So, try out one…if you like it, try out another one…build up your garden one machine at a time. Enjoy!